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Release Pledged Gold


Gold Park helps the customer to release their gold loan and other jewellery from banks, pawn shops, financiers and buy back the gold at best price than anyone else.

We will not charge any commission or service charge or hidden charges for release pledged gold.

Step 1: Payment to Release the Gold
Advance cash to Release pledged gold. Our Staff Visits the Banks for Releasing the Mortgaged Gold, accompanied with the Customer. Gold Park Settles the Gold Loan by Paying the required Gold Loan Closure Amount.

Step 1: Payment to the Customer
Our Expert Gold Valuators will conduct the Most Transparent and Authentic Valuation at the premises of the same Bank. After checking the Purity of Pledged Gold at Branch, Gold Park Buys Back the Gold Articles and Pays the rest Balance Amount after deducting the amount paid for Releasing Gold to the Customer at Current Online Market Price.

Cash for Gold

If you are looking to sell your gold, then you have reached the right place with the right people around. When coming to the market to sell Gold, there are options like selling through jeweler. Jewelry is experienced in selling the most extravagant designs. So, they will never completely buy your item at market price without deducting making charges from you, rather they will exchange your piece of jewelry for a new one.

Gold Park’s cash for gold services, which is the jewelry resale market. We suggest this is the best option for you, because we make use of the used jewelry and process it further. No Making charges, No hidden charges.

Gold Park, Kochi buying gold in professional way, Always best price for 100% value of your gold and we have Well trained employees, equipped with world class machinery for weight and purity checking and we don’t deduct any making charges gives you the best price for your jewelry, after checking the purity of gold by purity checking machine, we will follow complete transparency in checking and weighing the gold. We check and weigh the ornaments right in front of the customer. Offer price based on the purity of Gold, we will Pay immediate cash against your gold by cash or IMPS/RTGS online transfer service available.

Best Place to Sell Gold for Spot Cash in Kerala

What is Gold Resale Value? 
Gold resale value is the money that you get while selling your old gold. The value of gold will be the same as the current market value. There will be no deductions, we make sure you get the highest price for your gold, based on gold purity.

Where can I Sell my Old Gold Jewelry in Kerala?
Wondering where to sell your old gold jewelry? We at Gold Park Kochi give a final solution to all your problems. Our gold buying schemes are very flexible and popular.

  1. Door Step Service
    Our Staff Visits your home/office for Gold Valuation.
  2. Gold Valuation
    Value, weight & purity of Gold is checked in front of you.
  3. Get an Instant Payment
    Get payment as cash/instantly paid via IMPS.